This is how people get to love their jobs.

20 West is designed to make the workplace a dream not a drag. A place of inspiration not frustration. When you work at 20 West, any brick wall in the workday is a chance to take a  break in one of the city’s most unique buildings.

If you need more inspiration, try a little blood sugar. An elevator ride will take you downstairs to Parlor Pizza Bar, a wood-burning pizza parlor, Neapolitan-inspired pizzas prepared in imported Italian Pavesi wood-burning ovens share the menu with seasonally rotating dishes, American craft beers, artisanal wines and inventive cocktails..


And when it’s time to work off the sushi and oysters, you can ride up to the 20 West Fitness Center with its larger area for ellipticals and universal weight machine and its hotel-quality showers.

Which brings you back to your desk, refreshed and ready.  Beats a water cooler.